About ABX | Abovax


Since its establishment Abovax has evolved from a health and well-being consultancy firm to become a diversified multi-disciplinary management consulting and advisory services company headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. We are dedicated to helping our clients build sustainable business support systems and solutions.

We work directly with our client organisations to deliver refinement in value chains that significantly reduce cost and the complexity of their operating systems as well as build applicable operational models. Through its business units Abovax is able to provide a spectrum of services directly to governments, commercial players, intermediaries and the broader financial services sector.

While the company began as a healthcare advisory firm that sought to support other healthcare firms to optimize their services and portfolios, it has evolved into a leading multi-disciplinary management consulting services company. We currently operate in Johannesburg, South Africa but also provide services in the rest of Africa.

Abovax was incorporated by business partners who came together with the intention of using their combined expertise and experience to help in the transformation of industries as well as associated systems. The company continues on a path of growth that seeks to blend entrepreneurial spirit with a multi-skilled and faceted approach to business solutions.

Corporate Strategy

We are strategically focused on setting the pace in finding suitable solutions for individuals; corporates and governments alike, while creating tailor made operational models and associated systems aimed at improving the quality of service as well as productivity for our clients.

Abovax is driven by a strong mission and values system designed to provide strategic and cost efficient solutions. We possess a deep knowledge of the financial; healthcare; and service industries with comprehensive skills in management and consulting.

The core of Abovax’s business is centered on the pooling of leading expertise that span across different sectors and industries. We take a long term view in our design of solutions, to ensure that our responses and investments create the right value balanced with returns for our clients.

We are committed to responsible business growth that creates the right level of impact on the ground. Our long term plan is to build a fund and a portfolio of directly managed assets, designed to enhance long term client and shareholder value. Our investment decisions are based on experiences of the past and our vision of the future.

Our Mission

To promote sustainable development of industries by providing strategic business support and advisory services.

Our Vision

To become the business solutions partner of choice to industries and governments.

Our Values







Abovax (Pty) Ltd is a South African company with its entire shareholding in black professional hands. As a responsible corporate citizen, the company takes due care in selecting its partners and business associates so as to ensure equal opportunity in the economic participation by the previously disadvantaged.

We constantly strive to further improve our BBBEE offering and always align ourselves with the development goals and strategies of the territories in which we have a presence. Corporate Social Investment and small enterprise development are critical cornerstones of our transformation philosophy.